Confessions of a Dildo Slinger

Tasty Lube – Edible or Lickable….

Posted on: December 10, 2009

We tend to get this question a lot –

 “Is flavored lube edible?”.

It does boil down to semantics, but there is a huge difference between edible and lickable. If an item is actually edible, then you can eat it in its entirety. If an item is lickable, then you should only lick it (unlike a blow pop!).

When it comes to lube, there’s a good reason that none of them are edible. It won’t kill you or even hurt you. But eating an excessive about of lube will do what it was made to do… lubricate your insides. Which can lead to a slippery situation..hahhaaha!

Here’s a story that I heard about a store employee. She loved our Sex Tart Lubricant! Well they’re tart and tangy, so who doesn’t. We sell them in 6oz, 2oz, and little 6cc pillow packs. She would grab a pillow pack and walk around the store sucking on the pillow pack of lube as she worked. She said…”They just taste soo good!” Well until a day or two later when she couldn’t get to work because leaving her bathroom was not an option at that point! OH MY! So lick, play and deep throat away, but always remember….


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