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Anal Accessories, Part 2 – Anal Chains/Beads

Posted on: October 14, 2009

Well now that you’ve graduated from fingers to plugs, let’s check out some ANAL CHAINS!! Anal chains can be refered to as chains, beads, or balls but they all do the same thing. So unlike a plug that you keep in while having sex, chains are a more active toy. It’s all about the act of putting each bead in and pulling each bead out. With this toy the use and purpose are the same for men and women so everyone gets to enjoy!!!

TYPES AND SAFETY: There are several different way that beads are made. Some are balls tied together on a a string with a loop at the end (shown left). These are very unsantiary. Because of the string, there is no way to clean them well enough to use again. You want to find a chain that is one material from top to bottom (shown right). Also it must have a loop at the end. With the plug you don’t have to worry about loosing it because of the large base to protect it from sliding in and getting lost, but with a chain it would be easy to loose without the loop. Most loops are not very substantial and could get pulled in too, so it’s safest to leave the last bead out. EXTRA SAFETY TIP: Count your beads before you put them in and count then when they come out! Just to make sure everything that went in also came out!!

Now now we get to the playing part!! YEAH!!

Once again, because the butt does not have any natural lubricant like a vagina you want to use plenty of lube. Try to keep it away from the loop so it doesn’t become slippery 🙂 Then while you are mid forplay you want to start pushing one bead at a time past the sphincter muscle. Once you have all (except the last) bead in, then you go at it with your partner!! Oh YEAH! When you sense your partner is about to orgasm, grap ahold of the loop at the end of the chain and right when your partner explodes… pull the chain out in one swift motion!! WOO HOO!!! This will hugely intensify the orgasm!!! Now that’s the way to do anal play!!!!

Here are several different types of chains that you can play with:


 Now you have all the information you need to dive in head first (hahehhe) to the anal world!! I hope you all have a great time and remember to have fun and stay safe!!!!

7 Responses to "Anal Accessories, Part 2 – Anal Chains/Beads"

This post is beautiful! I love all the images! And the moving cartoon with the “loading” anal balls is so great! Thanks for the how-to!

Ha ha! Head first into the anal world! You funny, nice post.

Aww shucks guys!! Thanks for the love 😀

Cute blog!

I’m uh, a gay erotica writer and this is very helpful info!

You’ve certainly got a fun job.:D

Oh thank you so much!! That’s so sweet!

I Love your Blog! Would you be interested in being added to my web site? Under the links catagory, there is a section for Sex Toy Guides. It would be a “pleasure” to have you there!

Thanks Felicia for the wonderful comment! I’d love to be on your links! Thanks for the support 😀

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