Confessions of a Dildo Slinger

Anal Accessories, Part 1- BUTT PLUGS

Posted on: October 14, 2009

butt plug tailsNow that we’ve discussed beginners anal sex, it’s time to really explore the rest of this new world!

There are several popular anal accessories, but the most well known are butt plugs. So lets dive into the do’s and dont’s of plugs. Oh the glory of … Butt Plugs! These create that extra anal stimulation while having sex. Not to say that you can’t use it while alone 🙂 Have a blast.

  • For men, you can wear one while penetrating your partner for that extra “Umph”.
  • For women, you can use one while getting vaginal penetration for that D.P. (double penetration) feeling or you can use one while you penetrate someone with a strap-on.

SAFETY FIRST: Your butt plug needs to have a wide, tapered base. This is for your safety, so you don’t lose the toy!! This is very important. Most people don’t realize that although an anus is often referred to “exit only” by non-adventurous people, it’s natural function is to suck in. Also, unlike a vagina, the anus doesn’t end – there is no “back wall”. So if you do lose something it may end up out of your reach, which leads to Emergency room visits and embarrassing x-rays! SO BE CAREFUL!

Now that we’ve gotten all that out-of-the-way, let’s get into the fun of PLUGS!!! 82500555v2_350x350_Front[1]



Start small! You can work your way up to bigger and better pieces, but test the waters and see what you enjoy. If you start too large, it could be uncomfortable and you might decide anal play just isn’t for you. The truth is large pieces are not for everyone, so try some different stuff!! There are many training kits to start you off, such as the Sensafirm Booty Bumpers.

Now that you’ve pick a plug that looks like the right size and has a flared base, you’re ready to start playing. Use plenty of lubricant to insert your plug. Start slow and relax. This will ease the entry of the plug. With a plug you’re just putting it in and leaving it there. You don’t want to try and penetrate back and forth like a dildo. Once it’s in, you’re ready to PARTY!!

Just for reference, here are a few different plugs you might enjoy!


Well good luck everyone and have a BLAST trying out different plugs!! And keep an eye out for my next blog… Anal Accessories, Part 2 – Anal Chains!!

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