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Entering the Anal World!

Posted on: March 4, 2009

blacklingerie20buttFor a lot of people anal sex is a taboo topic and WOW are they missing out.

FOR MEN, they were born with a MAJOR erogenous zone right past the sphincter, known as the prostate, a.k.a. p-spot….so men should definitely try it! (check out my “We found the G-spot, so now on to the P-spot!!!” post to find your special spot!)

FOR WOMEN, if it’s done while in the doggy style position, you can tilt your hips back and angle the penis/toy down which will directly hit the g-spot instead of rubbing next to it like during vaginal sex.

There are many different ways to enter the anal world. Like with all sex toys, start small and work your way up to bigger and more adventurous toys/positions. Many people experiment with finger insertion first. This is a great way to see if it’s a sensation that you’d like to further explore.

Tips for finger play:

  • Keep nails trimmed or use a finger condom.
  • Never go from the anus to the vagina without thoroughly washing your hands first.
  • Use lubrication.

Some people like the sensation, but don’t like using fingers or it’s uncomfortable due to long/fake nails. In that case, here’s a great product you can use:

Bottoms Up – Finger Rimmers:


After experimenting with finger/finger rimmers, then  you can move up to actually having anal sex. Generally if it’s your first time there are 2 things you want to remember: 1) the slower the better, 2) lots of lube!!

For your first time receiving, apply a generous amount of lube on you and your partner. Then place your hand on your partners hip and guide them by pushing and pulling on their hip. It’s very important to take your time and go at YOUR pace. This will prevent any discomfort. Also remember to breathe and relax and have FUN!

Then once you get rockin’ and rollin’, then you can start working on adding more accessories. Check out my anal accessories blogs…COMING SOON!!!

anal_sex_month_promotional_advertis.jpg anal sex image by mrmachachi

3 Responses to "Entering the Anal World!"

You love talking about Butt Lovin, don’t ya! That’s why we talked about you and your love of the butt lovin on LA Talk Radio last Tuesday.

Sheena really wants to meet you, by the way.

Nice article, Tera!

If you like that, wait until you get to advanced butt fun! A heating lube will put you on sensation overload.

It’s such an interesting topic- some men are SO anti-anal play. I bet if they would try prostate stimulation just once they would be more open to it. They SEEM jealous of womens’ outrageous g-spot orgasms, when they have their own little special spot just waiting for them to discover it! Of course there is a small cost to outrageous pleasure – getting over fear, misconception and ego! 😉

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