Confessions of a Dildo Slinger

The G-spot found! He didn’t even know it :)

Posted on: September 3, 2008

g-spotRecently, I was at an engagement party. When the brides friends realized what I did…the questions started. They wanted to know everything from lubes to anal play. Then one of the guys said the greatest thing ever!!


He starts off by saying all he has to do is barely put his finger in a girl and bend his finger a little bit and they go CRAZY! HAhahaaha!! I had to tell him “Well, honey that’s because you found the G-spot!” He was amazed that he found it and didn’t even know it. That made his friends go crazy, they now had a zillion questions for him. Absolutely the cutest moment ever!



So, now for everyone who does not know where the g-spot is or how you get a girl to go crazy with it, here’s the trick – second knuckle and towards the belly button! Easy as that! In case you need a more extensive explanation then that, here it is. When a girl is lying on her back, insert your finger to the second knuckle line and then curl your finger up towards the belly button with a “come here” motion. That’s all it takes!!!



If you’re looking for a toy that can pull off this trick, you want to look for one that has a curved tip like our Slimline G series. Anything that has a curved top will hit that special spot with ease. Also there are toys that will do that and more like the 5x G-Spot Hot Handle!! WOW it’s worth a spin!!

Slimline G5x Hot Handle

5 Responses to "The G-spot found! He didn’t even know it :)"

How nice he find the woman’s g-spot, because not all men can find the the g-spot of a woman. That’s a good toy also, curve toys can get the woman’s g-spot easily.

The G-spot is amazing! But the best argument I ever heard was one fellow saying it was called the G-spot because the first time he tickled it he wondered, “Gee, what made her respond like that?”

The other fellow claimed it was because when you find it the woman says, “Gee that feels good!”

After I explained all about Dr. Grafenberg and the G-spot controversy (if anyone wants to know more, send me a question) I blew their minds by recommended they look for their P-Spot.

All right, so now someone tell us how to find the P-Spot!

Hey, that is a great topic for the FORUM in the Topco Sales Community!

Let’s take that topic to the FORUM on the TOPCO SALES COMMUNITY…follow the link…

Nice story how come he didn’t that he hit the G-spot?LOL But there are men that don’t know how to locate the g-spot of a woman and may lead not to satisfy his sexual partner. Or just they use sextoys to locate his partners g-spot.

[…] Tera is like a walking sex-encyclopedia!  If you want to learn about mysterious topics like the G-Spot or the P-Spot or how many different versions of the “Shocker” there are, then you gotta […]

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