Confessions of a Dildo Slinger

My job is the ultimate ice breaker!

Posted on: September 3, 2008

I started working at Topco Sales, one of the top 4 manufacturers of sex toys in the world, over 5 years ago. Since day one when I meet someone new, they always eventually ask what I do for a living and that really gets the ball rolling! Not only do they have a million and a half questions, but they also want everyone within ear-shot to hear what I do.


It’s the same reaction whether I’m at a house party, restaurant, or wedding. I say dildo factory and the chaos begins!!!


First they are completely amazed that the words were ever uttered, then the complete denial that they heard me correctly. Followed by many questions like “Really?” and “Are you kidding?”. Then when the shock dies down, you can tell they are searching their brain for every question they’ve ever wanted to ask about sex.


The funniest part of that is the fact that they don’t always ask about sex toys, which I do have answers for, they have questions on SEX! From positions to tricks, likes and dislikes, and a lot of “How do I get my lover to do this or that?”. They seem to think I’m a licensed sex therapist and that’s the biggest misconception!


So all though I don’t know the answer to every thing about sex, I do make a lot of new friends every time I say I work at the DILDO FACTORY!


Here’s me and my friends at work….not quite what you imagined 🙂 I’m the one on the left!!



8 Responses to "My job is the ultimate ice breaker!"

I KNOW! I met a guy at a party recently. He’s the Story Editor at one of the large studios – he’s the guy responsible for the amazing multi-million dollar movies you see at the theater. AND he’s the first screenwriter to sell a script to the production company he works for. I told him a few stories about life at the Dildo Factory and he says, “Wow! YOUR life is interesting!” And here I thought HIS life was interesting! Go figure! Every one loves the Dildo Factory!

Hahaha. nice story! I also have a friend working in adult shop and right now, she is cannot tell the truth to her other relatives whenever they ask her about her job.

Whoo-Hoo! I have had so many questions about sex over the years that it has become a specialty of mine. Years of research done as well! (Now I’m bragging…)

If you get any really difficult questions, send them over to me!

Hey Dildolector!! Yeah it’s really hard to decide who can know and who can’t when you work in this industry, but I’ve always found that honesty is the best policy. Now, there are exceptions to that rule….the incredibly old, should never know and any clergy people!! They’ll just never understand. 🙂

Um, I’m a licensed minister and hold a DD degree. I believe I understand.

Found your story interesting. I’ve been thinking what would I tell to my relatives if I would have a work just like you. But I find you work fun.

Wow.. that’s really nice.. that’s true because there are lots of people are interested about sex toys, so the tendency is you can gather a lot of friends because they will ask you about the latest sex toys that would satisfy their pleasure.

Hey Tera,

just dropped by to stalk ya and say hi! See you at the Lamplighter!

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